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PerfectBot Legal FAQ
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Disclaimer: It is a simplified summary explanation of our Terms of Services, Data Processing Agreement, and the most important issues related to the use of PerfectBot services. Do not treat it as legal advice or a binding interpretation. In any event, the wording of the Terms of Services and other legal documents governing the use of PerfectBot shall prevail.

Capitalized terms used in this FAQ have the meaning indicated in the Terms of Services.

If you want to contact us directly, please message us at We will do our best to reply to your inquiry, however, we do not provide any legal advice or interpretation of our legal documents.


What if the chatbot provides answers that are wrong, inaccurate, or misleading?

We work hard to make PerfectBot truly perfect, but remember that its answers can be misleading. Due to the nature of machine learning and the unreliability of AI tools, we make no guarantees as to Output. In particular, we do not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information and data provided by the chatbot. We are not responsible for any errors or consequences related to your reliance on the information or data provided by the chatbot. You use this information and data at your own risk.

Data Transfer, Ownership of Input/Output, and Storage

For providing PerfectBot services, we use other service providers. One of them is the supplier of the tool OpenAI. This implies another entity's access to data, including personal data, as part of services.

What’s the relationship between Perfectbot and OpenAI regarding data processing?

OpenAI is a sub-processor of personal data submitted to PerfectBot. We have concluded a service agreement with OpenAI, as well as a Data Processing Agreement. The DPA sets forth OpenAI's responsibilities in connection with the subcontracting of personal data to ensure the security of personal data.

What personal data may OpenAI access?

OpenAI may access any data (questions, information, content, etc., including name, contact information, demographic information, or other information provided by the user) submitted to the Chatbot during Conversations by the customer or other users using the Chatbot. Such data will be sent to OpenAI via API integration between Perfectbot and OpenAI.

How is my customer data used in Chatbot conversations?

During conversations with the Chatbot, data/information is transferred to and processed by OpenAI. Any questions, comments, information, data, etc. provided by you or the end-user during the conversation (including personal data) will be sent to OpenAI to generate a response to the end user.

What does OpenAI do with my data?

OpenAI uses data submitted in a Conversation with the Chatbot solely as necessary to provide and maintain the services (chatbot) provided to us. The Input/Output must be used by OpenAI in accordance with applicable law, Data Processing Agreement, OpenAI Usage policies, and Sharing and Publication Policy, as available at

Can OpenAI use my data to train its AI model?

No, such use by OpenAI is not permitted. OpenAI does not use your or your end users’ data for developing or improving OpenAI services.

How long will OpenAI store my data?

OpenAI is obliged to delete Input/Output within 30 days of submission of each relevant Input, on an ongoing basis.

Is data transferred outside the European Economic Area?

OpenAI is a company based in the USA so entrusting data processing involves the transfer of personal data to the US. In addition to the data processing agreement, we have entered into standard contractual clauses adopted by the EU Commission on June 4, 2021 with OpenAI, which is the basis for data transfer. This ensures data security in accordance with the GDPR. In the case of Customers from the United Kingdom data shall also be processed in accordance with the terms of Part 2: Mandatory Clauses of the Approved Addendum, being the template Addendum B.1.0 issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office and laid before Parliament in accordance with s119A of the Data Protection Act 2018 on 2 February 2022.

Who owns the content (input) inserted during the conversation with the Chatbot?

Input is the content provided by you, the authorized users, or end-users during conversations with the Chatbot (such as questions, data, and information). You (or the respective owner of the content) retain ownership of the input. However, by using our services you grant us the license to use input.

Who owns the content generated by the Chatbot during conversations (output)?

Output is the content generated based on the input as a result of our services. In particular, it is messages from the Chatbot received during a conversation (data, information, or other results). The ownership over the output is governed by the policies and regulations of OpenAI and the applicable law on intellectual property. We do not reserve ownership over the output, and we cannot guarantee that you’ll obtain any copyrights or proprietary rights in the output.


What policies and terms apply when I use PerfectBot services? Do I have to agree to them? Can they change without my consent?

When you register an account on our platform, most importantly, you agree to our Terms of Services currently available at, and other documents in our “Legal” section ( In our services, we also implement the tools of OpenAI, the Google Cloud Platform, Google Dialogflow, and, Gorgias or LiveChat (as selected by you). Please note that they are regulated by separate policies and legal documents of the companies owning these tools, which you shall abide by.

Are there any limitations to the use of PerfectBot services?

When you register an account on our platform, you agree to our Terms of Services, which explicitly specify the limitations and rules of using our services. In particular:

  • We only offer our services to companies and entrepreneurs, not consumers – although end-users may be consumers;

  • You can use our services commercially, but you can’t be our competitor and use them for the purpose of competing with PerfectBot;

  • You should not claim that the output generated by the Chatbot is human-generated;

  • You can’t use our services for unlawful, immoral, or inappropriate purposes;

  • You should not use our services to provide medical, financial, and legal information or advice; and if you do so, you must provide clear disclaimers in this regard to consumers.

Do I have to use any other tools/services when using the PerfectBot services?

Our platform uses the following third-party products, which are an integral part of the platform: 1) Google Cloud Platform from Google, Inc.; 2) Google Dialogflow from Google, Inc.; and 3) Open AI software from OpenAI, L.L.C. Our platform requires obtaining one of the following helpdesk solutions as well: Gorgias software from Gorgias, or LiveChat software from LiveChat, Inc. Please note that these tools and services are governed by separate regulations as indicated by their respective owners.


How are fees calculated when using PerfectBot services? Can the fees change?

We charge fees as indicated in the subscription plan selected by you. We may also charge you with fees for the use of LiveChat software (or other applicable software) if you choose to purchase such a license via our services. You may be subject to taxes and other public charges, or payments from third-party service providers (such as payment providers) as well, if required, which may be included in our fees, or may be required to be paid separately. We may change the fees upon giving you a 60-day notice. In such a case, you can terminate the agreement, or continue using our services. By continuing the use of our services after the 60-day term, you accept the change of fees and will be charged in accordance with the change.

What methods of payment can I use to pay for PerfectBot services?

You can in particular choose to provide your card information for the purpose of charging automatic, recurring payments on each billing date. Services of third-party payment providers may be used to make payments as well. Please note that in such a case you are obliged to accept the third-party provider’s regulations.

What happens if I don’t make payment in time?

If your payment of fees is more than 7 days overdue, our services may be partially or fully suspended, at our own discretion. However, your access will be reactivated when you pay the outstanding fees. If you don’t pay fees within 14 days from the date of suspension, our agreement may be terminated without further notice, your access to the platform will be permanently terminated, and your data will be removed. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the fees are paid in a timely manner, and we are not responsible for any errors or issues of third-party payment providers, errors in card information, etc.


What is the difference between the account deactivation and termination of the agreement?

You deactivate your account by disabling the paid subscription plan on the platform, or preventing the free trial from converting into the paid subscription plan. When you deactivate your account, upon the expiry of the current billing cycle, we cease charging you with further fees, and we suspend our paid services, however, you can still access our platform to test the chatbot. If you terminate the agreement, on the termination date we will fully suspend our services and you will not have access to the platform. Please note that in case of deactivation, we may, at our own discretion, permanently suspend or delete your account, and terminate the agreement.

How can I terminate the agreement?

You can terminate the agreement by sending a written notice to our address or by sending us an e-mail at Termination is effective upon the expiry of the current billing cycle that is in effect at the time we receive the termination notice.

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