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How to improve your AI chatbot knowledge?
How to improve your AI chatbot knowledge?
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Initial Knowledge

Initially, PerfectBot studies various sources to learn your content.

After going live, we proactively optimize your AI bot by monitoring live conversations and updating knowledge. We'll alert you when additional content is needed.

However, you can help PerfectBot become even better. Here are four ways to update its knowledge:

  • Internal Notes in Gorgias (Recommended πŸ‘)

  • Knowledge Tracker

  • Email or Slack

  • Training Call

Optimizing Content via Gorgias Internal Notes πŸ“

In Gorgias tickets, you can monitor AI bot chats. If you find a chat where the AI bot could do better, you can suggest content improvements via Internal Notes.

Internal Notes are messages within Gorgias tickets that are only visible to your team and not to the customer. They can be easily spotted due to their orange background and allow you to mention Gorgias Users on them.

You can use them to suggest content to help PerfectBot. Simply add an internal note to the relevant ticket and mention @PerfectBot on it.

To send an internal note with a content suggestion for PerfectBot

1. In the relevant Gorgias ticket click on the channel icon and select 'Internal Note'.

2. Type @ to find the AI chatbot on the Users list.
By default, it's "PerfectBot", but your bot might have a custom name.

3. Write your content suggestion in the Internal Note.

This could be a general hint, such as 'use this conversation content for learning', if you or your agent have already responded to that ticket with the most accurate knowledge.

Or you can provide more specific content suggestions.

4. You will get confirmation from PerfectBot once the knowledge is updated

It will be sent to you also via an Internal Note with email notification.

βœ‹ Note: It may take a few hours for the AI bot knowledge to update.

Live Monitoring and Training ⚑

The most efficient way of fine-tuning the bot is to allow it to help your clients live. Live conversations help improve your chatbot significantly by using real, unbiased data- there are of course guardrails in place and handover scenarios to make sure the bot does not make any serious mistakes.

While we recommend Internal Notes as the most convenient method to improve Bot knowledge, there are also other options.

Knowledge Tracker πŸ“—

If you want to see the content PerfectBot has processed, please check the Knowledge Tracker spreadsheet. Feel free to add your comments there, and we'll address any issues as soon as possible.

Learn more about the Knowledge Tracker here.

Suggesting Content via Email πŸ“§ or Slack πŸ’¬

We are ready to implement any changes required - please just let us know what needs improving and we'll get it done.

Training Call πŸ“ž

This works best if you don’t have specific suggestions - just a broad range of comments regarding the bot’s tone of voice, way of answering, or specific field of knowledge field suggestions.

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