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Using PerfectBot simultaneously with Gorgias Rules and Flows
Using PerfectBot simultaneously with Gorgias Rules and Flows
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If you have PerfectBot in simultaneous use with Gorgias Rules and Flows, there may be situations where they conflict with each other.

We recommended disabling the conflicting Rules or Flows in places, where PerfectBot provides more options and a better user experience.

In the Chat channel, the sender of a response resulting from a Rule, Flow, or Macro is called Gorgias Bot.

When a Rule, Flow, or Macro is triggered, it precedes PerfectBot's operation. In some cases, this means that Gorgias Bot will take over and PerfectBot won’t be able to respond to the user.

Perfectbot and Gorgias Rules

Let's explain how different actions triggered by rules can affect PerfectBot's operation:

  • If a rule for "Reply to a customer" (Auto-reply) or "Autoresponders" is triggered, only Gorgias Bot will respond, and PerfectBot will no longer participate in the conversation.

  • If a rule for "Assign agent" or "Assign team" is triggered and the ticket gets assigned to a specific agent or team, PerfectBot will not respond to the customer's messages in that ticket.

  • If a ticket assigned to PerfectBot or unassigned is closed, and the customer sends another chat message, the ticket will be reopened and assigned to PerfectBot.

  • If a ticket is deleted, it will also cease to exist for PerfectBot.

Figure: Only some of the many Rule actions can affect the operation of PerfectBot.

PerfectBot and Gorgias Flows

The Gorgias Flows feature, previously known as the Flow Builder, allows you to design simple conversation flows, guiding users through a decision tree. Typically, it consists of multiple-choice questions, with each choice triggering an automated response from the Gorgias Bot.

When using PerfectBot, we recommend switching the Flows function off. A fully conversational PerfectBot offers a better user experience, as your clients can ask questions in natural language instead of choosing from a list of predefined options.

Figure: It may be worth leaving selected Flows enabled if they implement a more complex scenario, for example, a product recommendation. However, if you use Flows to answer common FAQs, PerfectBot will be better suited to this task.

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