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How to test your AI chatbot?
How to test your AI chatbot?

A quick guide to help you start strong from day 1 with PerfectBot

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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to PerfectBot

PerfectBot is a human-like GPT-powered AI Chatbot that accurately answers customer questions, reducing support volume and resolution times. With a little help, it can become your ultimate customer service agent. Follow these tips to make PerfectBot truly perfect!

1. Use Help Center Questions to Test PerfectBot

We've equipped your chatbot with the knowledge from your FAQ. Ask for the topics related and see how it follows your guidelines.

2. Test the Chatbot's Understanding

The chatbot should be able to understand the user's intent, even when the questions are not exactly like those in the FAQ.

Test the chatbot with a variety of phrasings and synonyms. For instance:

  • Can I return my order if I do not like it?

  • What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

  • Is it possible to return purchase if I change my mind?

Test the chatbot with various types of customer needs expression. For instance:

  • Requests: Can you check my order status?

  • Commands: Check my order status.

  • Needs: I need to know whether my order was shipped.

  • Problems: I don't know how to check my order status.

3. Testing Off-Topic Handling

See how the chatbot responds when asked something it shouldn't answer. Here, the chatbot should politely decline and possibly direct the user to your store offerings.

4. Test the Chatbot's Response to Multiple Questions in a Single Query

Customers often ask multiple questions within a single query. Test how well your chatbot can handle this.

5. Check the Chatbot's Response to Complex Questions

Some customer questions may be more complex or technical. Ensure your chatbot can handle these.

6. Test the Chatbot's Spelling Error Resistance

It is common for customer requests to contain typos. PerfectBot can handle them with ease:

7. Evaluate the Chatbot's Skill to Refer to Human Support

There might be instances where human intervention is necessary. The chatbot should recognize these situations and refer the customer to human support.

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