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Improving AI chatbot with real user feedback
Improving AI chatbot with real user feedback
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Our experience with hundreds of bots shows that the best approach is to launch your bot early and refine its knowledge through live user interactions. We offer a variety of tools to guarantee a safe launch and an efficient optimization process.

What if the bot gives a wrong answer?

Initially, the chatbot follows up on each response to ensure the issue is resolved. If not, it offers connecting with a human agent. Once it learns more, you can disable these follow-up questions.

What if the bot doesn't know an answer?

If the bot can't find an answer, it will suggest talking with a human consultant using smart handover scenarios.

How to improve AI bot knowledge?

Monitor the PerfectBot chats that need a human in the '🙋‍♂️Agent required' tickets view.

To update knowledge on any ticket, request it through a Gorgias Internal Note.

You can also use our Gorgias Built-in Widget (coming in April) to modify the AI's responses, use the agent's reply for training, or customize handovers directly in the Gorgias app.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps

We'll send reports highlighting popular topics and gaps in the chatbot’s knowledge, soon available on the live dashboard. This helps you identify and fill content gaps.

With all these tools at hand, the optimal approach is to quickly deploy the bot and refine its performance through actual user interactions.

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