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How to boost your AI chatbot knowledge?
How to boost your AI chatbot knowledge?
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Having a well-equipped knowledge base is crucial for providing accurate and helpful responses to user queries. Help center information alone may not be enough for an accurate chatbot. To enrich your AI Chatbot's knowledge, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the AI Chatbot Knowledge Base

Along with the testing page you received access to the AI Chatbot Knowledge Base. This is where you will input and manage the information that the chatbot uses to respond to user queries. You'll access it through the following button on the testing page:

Step 2: Identify Missing Topics

We've conducted the knowledge test for you and identified certain topics that are important for your PerfectBot to cover. Filter the topics with the "MISSING" tag and decide which ones are crucial to your business.

Step 3: Update Chatbot Knowledge Summary

Now we need you to provide answers. To make it easier for you, we have prepared simple phrases as suggested answers. Replace the ghost text with authentic information. Short facts or bullet points are enough. Don't worry about the answer style, as we will transform it into full-sentenced AI Chatbot answers.

Step 4: Identify and Add Missing Topics

If you feel that there are important topics your AI Chatbot still needs to cover, just at them and the end of the list. We'll include them in the next version of your PerfectBot.

Step 5: Notify us about the changes, and we'll do the magic! ✨

Once you are done with the changes, let us know. We will prepare the answers and deploy a new version of your PerfectBot. As soon as it's ready, you will be able to test how the new topics work.

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