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Connecting PerfectBot to your store
Connecting PerfectBot to your store

Step-by-step guide on how to enable your PerfcetBot in Gorgias widget

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PerfectBot is the only AI chatbot that handles conversations directly in your Gorgias chat. To launch it on your website, all you need to do is plug the AI bot into the Gorgias widget. In the following article, we explain multiple ways to connect your AI chatbot.

Plugging PerfectBot into your CURRENT Gorgias widget (recommended)

The easiest and recommended way to launch PerfectBot on your website is by connecting it to your existing Gorgias widget. This way, PerfectBot will be available to your customers within the integrated Gorgias widget connected to your store. To establish the connection, just provide us with your preferred Chat widget ID, and we will connect your bot accordingly.

βœ‹ Important: PerfectBot can only become fully operational once you have correctly configured your chat widget. Check out our guide on setting up the Gorgias widget for PerfectBot to configure preferred settings.

Plugging PerfectBot into NEW Gorgias widget

After installing the app, you will notice a new chat labeled "PerfectBot" on your Gorgias account. To activate the AI bot on your website, simply connect it to the platform. The instructions may vary depending on your e-commerce platform provider, and Gorgias has prepared specific guidelines for each of them.

βœ‹ Important: PerfectBot chat available in your Gorgias has default settings. Before connecting it to the store, you should first go through our widget configurations guide and properly manage settings. Be mindful that Gorgias automations features can only be enabled after the store connection process is completed πŸ‘‡

  1. Go to the Settings > Chat > PerfectBot > installation

  2. Depending on your e-commerce platform provider select the correct installation path:

    • For Shopify websites, follow the simple one-click installation instruction dedicated to Shopify users. Alternatively, proceed with the manual installation:

    • For other website providers, follow the 3-step manual installation process:

3. For Gorgias automation users: once the widget is connected to your store, you would need to enable recommended automations (such as Order Management) once again.

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