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Installing PerfectBot for Gorgias: A Step-by-Step Guide
Installing PerfectBot for Gorgias: A Step-by-Step Guide

6 step guide on how to enable AI chatbot in your Gorgias widget

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PerfectBot is the AI chatbot that handles conversations directly in your Gorgias chat. PerfectBot studies your content and tickets to learn your brand's voice and policies, then immediately answers chats 24/7 using GPT.

Important: App installation will not immediately activate the AI bot live. Once you connect the app, your Gorgias tickets will be used as additional AI bot training data.

Install your PerfectBot in 6 steps

Follow these instructions, to successfully plug your PerfectBot into Gorgias.

Step 1. Connect the app

1. From your Gorgias account, head to Settings > App Store > All Apps

2. Find PerfectBot.AI on the list

3. Click on the Connect App button

4. Authorize the app

5. Once you successfully install the app, you will be redirected to the preview page. There, you can test the demo version of PerfectBot. Please allow us 2 to 3 days to deliver your AI chatbot trained specifically on your support content.

✋ Important: After installing PerfectBot, it takes 2-3 days to train it using your content. You will receive a confirmation once the training is completed.

Step 2. Preview and test PerfectBot before launching it to customers

To test your AI bot, go to your PerfectBot preview page. You can access it from the chat conversation tab, as shown in the screenshot below. 👇

Here are some simple guidelines to effectively test our AI bot:

  1. Test it thoroughly using your help center questions.

  2. Ask questions that are already covered in the Knowledge Base.

  3. Feel free to try different question formats, such as long sentences or simple phrases.

👉 Check our guide for detailed instructions on AI bot testing.

Step 3. Customize handover scenarios

PerfectBot directs more complicated questions to your human support team. By default, the AI bot assigns tickets that need agent assistance to the unassigned pool. However, there are three different possible scenarios for ticket handover.

👉 Check our guide for detailed instructions on different handover scenarios in the AI bot and how to configure them.

Step 4. Connect PerfectBot to your store

Once the Gorgias PerfectBot widget is properly set up, you can connect it to your integrated store. The easiest and most recommended scenario is to connect the AI bot to your existing Gorgias widget.

With this scenario, PerfectBot will be available for your customers in the current integrated Gorgias widget connected to your store.

To establish the connection, provide us with your preferred Chat ID, and we will connect your bot accordingly. You will find your Chat ID here 👇

💡 It’s also possible to enable the AI chatbot in a separate Gorgias widget. Take a look at our article on different scenarios for connecting PerfectBot.

Step 5: Set up Gorgias widget settings

To make the most of the AI chatbot, we recommend adjusting certain Gorgias widget features, such as widget availability, business hours, quick replies, etc.

Important: PerfectBot can only become fully operational once you have configured your chat widget correctly. Check out our guide on setting up the Gorgias widget for PerfectBot to configure preferred settings.

Step 6. Optimize AI chatbot knowledge

Now that your AI bot is live in your Gorgias widget, improving its content is easy. In Gorgias tickets, you can monitor AI bot chats. If you find a chat where the AI bot could do better, you can suggest content improvements via Internal Notes.

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